Ljevaonica umjetnina Jurkić d.o.o.

Academic sculptor Anto Jurkić

Academic sculptor Anto Jurkić was born in 1965 in Gradačac. After finishing primary school, which he attended in his home village, he went to Sarajevo and enrolled in the School of Applied Arts and Design. After graduating from high school, he decided to go to Zagreb, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture in the class of Professor Stipe Sikirica.

He is already working intensively during his studies and is graduating with a public sculpture “Tennis player” in bronze, placed in the tennis center “Ravnice” in Zagreb. He started participating in public tenders abroad very early, so he erected monuments in Russia (Norilsk), Lourdes, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Australia. At the same time, he is present on the Croatian art scene and his works can be found throughout the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Enormous sculptural energy has been realized over the years with over 200 public sculptures, mostly made in bronze but also in other materials. For years, he has been developing cooperation with the ALU Art Foundry in Zagreb and intensively attends every segment of monument making, gaining exceptional experience in casting, where his love and respect for art casting is born.

After 35 years of professional work in Zagreb from his well-known Atelier in Ilica 122. He decided to turn around and together with his son started an art foundry in his native village “Tramošnica” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. General globalization gives him the opportunity to function from a smaller environment with the same intensity but without urban stress and continues to work on many projects as an author but also transferring his rich experience to foundry employees and people around him.

He is the author of over 200 monuments and these are just some of the most significant, he has also attended many exhibitions and symposia.


Tennis player
Maksimir – bronze
St. Mihovil
Zagreb – bronze
St. Family (5 figures)
Zagreb – bronze
Alojzije Stepinac
Vrapče – bronze
St. Juraj on horseback
Zagreb – bronze
Alojzije Stepinac (height 80 cm)
Vrapče, Odra – bronze
Stepinac with children
Sesvete – bronze
Mother Teresa
Karlovac, Poreč – bronze
Way of the Cross (15 stations)
Prisoje – bronze
Osijek – bronze
Tuđman (seated figure 200 cm)
Virovitica – Bronze
Tuđman (bust)
Osijek, Vukovar, Gračac, Pitomača… etc. – bronze
Bull (200 cm)
Zagreb – bronze
Alley of the Giants
Zagreb (estate Fiolić family) – bronze
St. Mihovil ( 280cm)
Imotski, Drenovci, Tramošnica, Livno – bronze
Monument to the Friar (230 cm)
Makarska – bronze
Monument to the Veterans (5m x 10m)
Brčko – bronze, stone
Our Lady of Sorrows (210 cm)
Kotor Varoš – aluminum
Monument to the academic painter Gabrijel Jurkić
Livno – bronze
Posavina woman on a bicycle
Orašje – polymarble
St. Rok
D. Mahala – bronze
St. Ivo (250 cm)
Jajce – bronze
St. Ivo
Tramošnica – bronze
Monument to Veterans (480 cm)
Metković – bronze
Arbanasi Monument (400 cm)
Arbanasi – bronze
Australia, Germany, Lourdes, Vatikan … etc. – bronze
Our Lady of the Angels
Sesvetska Sopnica – aluminum


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